You inspire me! – That’s what it is all about, that and photos.

I am Leanne, a Kiwi, a traveller, a teacher, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend and a blogger.

Some of you may know me from my site NihongoJapango. It is still going strong and I hope you will pay me a visit there too. NihongoJapango has morphed from a blog about living in Japan to include my travels, thoughts and responses to many challenges I love to take part in.

My learning journey and foray into blogging has reminded me how many thousands of photographs I have. I decided to start this blog with the aim to post one photo a day. I have so many I wasn’t sure where to start so I am going to let you inspire me.

My inspiration comes from your posts and your suggestions. To start with I am going to publish one photo a day based on a word gleaned from a fellow blogger’s post. I would also like inspiration directly from you. Please leave a comment on my posts and include one word that comes to mind. I will try and match that one word with a photo. I want this blog to be a collaborative effort, your word and my photo. Each post will be very simple. I am not going to go into any long explanations or philosophical tirades about the photo.  I will acknowledge your input by thanking you for the inspiration and link to your page.

As it is one photo and one word a day it may take a while to get to your suggestion but please be patient! I will get there, I will be making up a bank of words and scheduling a post for each day! I hope you will support me and have some input to the direction my posts take.

Thank you!




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