#79 Idea

#79 Idea (2)

Today’s inspiration comes courtesy of Kerry who writes the Aspernaut blog. Kerry kindly banked the word “Idea” for me in a comment. I had to come up with an idea and a picture for this post.

I have often heard the saying “Ideas come from a seed of thought” thus, this picture taken in Kurihama of a field of poppies and seed pods popped into my head as an idea for this post.

Please share some “seeds of thought” you might have for a prompt and help my idea for this blog to grow!

Thank you for the inspiration.




4 thoughts on “#79 Idea

  1. Nice! You could have chosen any seed pod but the poppy is perfect. It carries the weight of so much symbolism and has a long pedigree in pharmaceuticals – for good and bad. One idea quickly follows another in linking this image to that word. Bloody brilliant! 🙂

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    1. Glad you approve. It also has greta significance as the memorial flower for the fallen soldiers in WWI. In NZ we wear red poppies on ANZAC day our memorial day for our soldiers.


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