#78 Onions


#78 Onions.JPG
Saint Basil’s Cathedral ( one of many names!), Moscow

Today’s inspiration comes courtesy of Frying the Onion. Lisa’s Blog  name made me flash back to the Onion domes of Moscow in  the Red Square. I enjoyed browsing through her posts and loved the teabag art!


Thank you





5 thoughts on “#78 Onions

    1. Amazing aren’t they? The Kremlin was full are amzing gold onions too. Moscow was full of grand monuments to the communist age and the power of the people and all glory to the mother land etc but these have a kind of whimsey about them. I could almost imagine them as a disneyland attraction!

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        1. Moscow was quite amazing the subways are unbelievable! Like museums , stunning. My sister and I spent a whole day riding them and getting off at different stations to look at the architecture and monuments. I think there are some great clips on You tube if you search it.

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