8 thoughts on “#11 Diagonal

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    Take a look at this awesome meta idea. I’ve quickly discovered in this process this entire welcoming community of people who love to create for the sake of creating, who collaborate and inspire on so many levels. Leanne has this brilliant idea with You Inspire Me to encapsulate a word, comment, or even the feel of an entire blog in one image a day. I think it will produce a beautiful cycle: inspiration from others to form an image, an image that will inspire others to form words or images of their own. Super meta 🙂 Today’s image just happens to be inspired by a very short interaction we had about this new baby of hers. It is nothing like I imagined and for that I love it even more! It strikes me as oddly fitting; rooted solid and square at the base, bold, strong, a little electric, and definitely a little skewed up top just like me. Join and follow this awesome idea! You never know who or how you may inspire someone or how someone may inspire you.

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  2. I love it! Not at all what I expected but fitting. Strong , bold, and slightly askew (just like me and my blog). Great use of space. May I reblog this on my site and let more people in on this meta awesome idea of yours?

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